General rules

Exclude: white pegs/white lines
Ground under repair: blue pegs/white lines

Penalty Areas: red pegs or lines

Distance indicator: 100 m (red), 150 m (yellow) and 200 m (white)

Out limits fairways 5 (left side), 11 (behind green), 13 (left side and behind green) and 14 (left side) are marked with white markings (pegs or lines).

They are marked with red markers.

2a. Penalty areas next to tee 1 and tee 16/green 18:

Entering both ponds is strictly forbidden!

For hole 16 (pond) there is a drop zone in front of the women’s tee! This can be claimed.

The creek or the natural edge of the water counts as the penalty area boundary, unless otherwise marked.

Relief may be taken: Any spot marked with white lines or blue stakes.

Unusual Ground Conditions: No relief for interference with stance by a hole, throw, or path of a burrowing animal, reptile, or bird. Balls clearly lost within the fairway boundaries or in a bunker in an animal hole – free drop

3b.1. Nursery Area (green lawn seeding area) to the left of hole 3:
Floor under repair (GUR). If the ball comes to rest on this surface, relief is to be taken! Play forbidden!

These are any areas defined by white markings or blue pegs, as well as drains and turf filled with stones.

3c. Embedded Balls: Rule 16.3 l
Usually allows relief when a ball is embedded anywhere in the general area (except in sandy areas e.g. waste area at fairways 7+8; club landing allowed) but there is no free relief when a ball hits walls of piled sod or bunker ledges above embedded by bunkers and when a shot is clearly unreasonable because of interference from something other than its position in its own pitch.

Stones, pine cones and fleece in the bunker

Sprinkler systems, water outlets, fountains, benches, tee boards, T-markers at greens, baskets and ball washers, shelters and pegs as demarcations at bunkers (e.g.: Green 3), flower beds, hedges, supported trees, border, post and EVN stones as well as pegs, which serve to demarcate protected areas. All paths and roads within the site that are covered with wood chips (individual chips are loose, impeding natural substances) or gravel, as well as entrances and exits to bridges.

Player May Take Relief Under Rule 16.1b When An Immovable Obstruction Is Near The Putting Green And On His Line Of Play: The player may take relief when an immovable obstruction lies on his line of play and within 2 club-lengths of and inside the putting green 2 racquet lengths from the ball.

The sandy area between fairway 7 and fairway 8 is waste area. This area is part of the grounds: practice swings and putting on clubs are allowed.

A long beep from a siren – stop playing!

Signal for “normal” game stoppage under Rule 6-8.b.: Repeats three consecutive short beeps of a siren.

Game Resume Signal: Repeats two short beeps of a siren.

Dangers are only pointed out during tournaments. The Föhrenwald Golf Club assumes no liability for private rounds.

for 4-person flights max. 4:30 hours; for 3-person flights max. 4:00 hours

Caddy cars/trolleys may not be pulled over the front greens, tees or between obstacles (bunkers, water, etc.) and greens.

Please keep your distance from the tees and greens with birdies (electric 1-seater) and e-carts!! Do not drive between obstacles (bunker green, water green, etc.)!!

Please fix pitch marks and put back and kick down divots. Thanks!

The use of electronic means of transport (e-carts, etc.) is also permitted for handicap-relevant rounds, unless otherwise advertised.

Clothing etiquette

Due to the occasion, we would like to draw your attention to the usual clothing etiquette:

The following are not permitted:

  • Blue jeans
  • Hotpants
  • Tops
  • Tracksuits

This etiquette applies on the course, practice area, 3-hole short course and on the driving range. Thank you for your understanding.